After confirming that Instagram had completely disabled photo integration with Twitter, the company wasted no time getting its own photo filtering capabilities out.

Initially slated for the end of the year, Twitter has partnered with Aviary to update its mobile apps with Instagram-like photo filters. Now you’re able to edit and refine your photos right from Twitter for iPhone and Android.

The updated mobile apps feature eight filters, ranging from black and white to vintage. You can also see how each filter will affect your photo through a single grid view, or you can swipe through to compare options. Additionally, Twitter provides you with cropping capabilities and auto-enhancements.

You can still share photos taken with Instagram on Twitter, but only a link to the photo will appear on your Timeline. If you want your filtered images to appear alongside your Tweet, you’ll have to take and apply filters through the official Twitter app for your device.

Twitter first introduced the ability to attach a photo to your Tweet in June 2011. Since then, it has gotten easier and faster to share and discover photos on the social network. The latest version of Twitter is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: davidgsteadman]