Although growth has slowed since its initial launch, marketers have continued using Twitter’s #Music app to introduce and promote albums. Today, the company updated #Music for iOS with new discovery and recommendation features that fans will love.

Launched in April, #Music is a standalone discovery engine that analyzes all the music data shared across the network every day. The free service users Twitter activity like tweets and engagement to locate an surface the most popular tracks and artists.

This update focuses on the discovery of music, and now anyone using the app can listen to top artist’s tracks, check out similar artists, and see who their favorite artists are following on Twitter. The latter is key, especially for up and coming artists, as many musicians show support by following each other. Now this gesture has more potential to create more fans.

Additionally, Twitter #Music can now scan an person’s iPhone music library to suggest more relevant artists. The app will then display the artists that he or she has tweeted about for repeated exposure and easy access. And finally, Twitter #Music is now available in 12 more countries, giving international artists a boost.

Some of the most active and engaging individuals on Twitter are musicians. Fans want to connect with the people creating their favorite songs. Twitter #Music can help artists bridge that gap, especially those who are just beginning to build their fan bases.

The updated iOS can be downloaded today from the Apple App Store. There’s still no word on when Android users can expect a #Music app of their own.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Martin Fisch]