It’s now easier than ever for advertisers to target Twitter members based on location. The company announced that it has enhanced its geo-targeting capabilities for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts today.

Advertisers looking to reach individuals in the UK and Japan will now find additional location options to target. Previously, you could target Promoted Tweets by country, but today’s update adds support for cities as well.

The company began testing location-based ads back in March 2011. At the time, early users could target Promoted Tweets by country and some major cities within the U.S. Country targeting made its way to the UK in September 2011.

As Twitter noted on its blog, “retailers can use Promoted Tweets to promote distinct offers to users in Manchester and London, or a U.S. statewide political campaign could focus its Promoted Accounts campaigns precisely where a candidate is running for office.”

Combined with Twitter’s recently introduced interest-based targeting, which can be used alongside location-based ads, this is a noteworthy improvement for advertisers looking for more precise campaign targeting.

[Image credit: Tomi Knuutila]