In addition to its newly redesigned Discover tab, it appears that Twitter has made some subtle, yet important changes to its website that could have a major affect your desktop experience.

Although many people have noticed these changes, it’s important to note that Twitter has yet to comment on them.

Perhaps the most noteworthy update affects the volume of tweets you’ll see. When someone you follow mentions someone that you don’t follow at the beginning of a tweet, this usually doesn’t appear in your stream.

According to Bonfire — a Twitter chat extension — Twitter will now start showing these conversations between your friends and their followers, regardless if you follow them or not. We’re not currently seeing this ourselves, but it’s possible that Twitter is rolling this out gradually.

Should the update go through, you’ll start seeing a lot more tweets in your stream, which could make it more difficult to filter out relevant conversations regarding your product or brand. On the flip side, this could increase interaction with a wider audience, as well as boost discovery of new and interesting people to follow.

While this change remains unconfirmed, many people have noticed changes to the interaction functions on Depending on whether a tweet has been clicked or opened, the reply, retweet, and favorite buttons would sit above or below the content.

Now Twitter has moved these buttons so they always sit below the tweet. Also, clicking on the “expand” button will provide you with additional details, including who has retweeted it and the time/date it was tweeted.

It’s unclear if any of these changes will be applied to Twitter’s mobile apps or official desktop clients. For now, this will only affect anyone using to manage their social media presence. We’ll keep you updated as Twitter releases more information regarding these updates.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Andreas Eldh]