It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week we show you how to create your own Twitter Home Page using a service called Twylah.

We’ve written about the need to beef up your Twitter bio to give your new Twitter followers an instant snapshot of what you are all about. But what about if you could display even more information about your favorite Twitter hashtags, trending topics, videos and so on, right from your own customized Twitter Home Page? Here’s how to use a third-party website called Twylah to do exactly that.

What Is Twylah?

Twylah is a a web-based platform that allows you to create your own piece of web real estate based on your Twitter activities. Instead of your Twitter presence being limited to a 160 character bio and 140 character tweets, you can create an entire Twitter Home Page populated by various feeds, links and data from your Twitter account.

Your Twylah Page does not replace your Twitter account or your Twitter profile. It’s an additional web presence that highlights your Twitter activities so that you can engage more deeply with your audience. Share the link to your Twylah Page as you would any other link or website you’d like to promote.

Why Use Twylah?

According to Twylah, having a Twitter Home Page increases engagement with your Twitter followers. In fact, it claims that “Power Tweets” — landing pages created from individual tweets — increase your engagement by over 4000 percent (compared to the average time spent on a tweet on Twitter).

From your Twylah Page you can highlight content from specific hashtags or keywords from Twitter. This provides an abundance of opportunities for readers to join a variety of conversations already in progress, as opposed to joining one conversation — your latest tweet — on Twitter. In essence, the topics you choose to display on your Page reiterate what your personal (or business) brand is all about.

If this sounds similar to a Twitter Brand Page — it is. Except Twitter Brand Pages are currently available only to advertisers and businesses that commit to a $25,000 ad spend over the next year, and Twylah Pages are free! So, while you’re waiting to ramp up your advertising to those levels, consider taking Twylah for a test drive to see if it increases your engagement with your followers.

How to Use Twylah

Twlah is still officially in beta release, so you have to request an invitation to join. Navigate to and click the blue button entitled “Request Invite.” After you enter a valid email address you’ll be prompted to allow Twylah to access your Twitter account.

Note that Twylah needs permission to perform a variety of potentially sensitive functions on your Twitter account, including updating your profile and posting tweets for you. Click the blue “Sign In” button to grant Twylah the appropriate access to you Twitter account. You’ll receive an email notification letting you know that your request for an invite has been received and that you’ll be contacted as soon as your request to join has been approved.

When you receive your approval, you’ll join the ranks of bloggers, bands, celebrities and businesspeople who are using Twylah for their Twitter Home Pages.

Twylah also has a comprehensive FAQ Page that tells you how to customize your Page, add Twitter topics and widgets, update your bio, and even how to host your Twylah Page on your own domain. Consider promoting your Twylah Page by customizing the web link in your Twitter bio to point to your new Twylah Page. That way, whenever a new follower clicks on your link on Twitter, they’ll be redirected to your de facto Twitter Home Page where you can engage with them on a number of different topics.

Do you have a Twitter Home Page that you created on Twylah? Feel free to drop a link to your Twylah Page in the comments below.

[Image credits: Twylah, LadyDragonFlyCC]