This week, Twitter released an updated version of its mobile app for BlackBerry which features several improvements. The company has long favored its iOS and Android apps with BlackBerry trailing behind, but that changes now — at least temporarily.

Twitter for BlackBerry features some major changes in the form of a significantly redesigned user interface with a wider timeline for improved browsing. In addition, now when you log into Twitter from your BlackBerry, you’ll automatically be taken to the top of your tweet stream.

An enhanced search now offers usernames and hashtag suggestions as queries are typed in, as well as the ability to view recent and saved searches. A new Discover page delivers a stream of tweets, accounts to follow, and more, making it easier for fans to find you on Twitter. Additionally, the updated Activity tab lets people quickly see what you’ve been up to on the network.

It’s hard to believe this didn’t already exist, but now you and your followers can view, reply, and compose Direct Messages through the BlackBerry Hub. For community managers and agencies monitoring multiple accounts, Twitter for BlackBerry also supports up to five profiles. Your main account will integrate within BlackBerry OS, and you can access four more through the app.

Although this might be helpful for a quick check in here and there, if you manage more than five accounts — which is pretty likely, especially if you have dedicated customer service profiles — then we recommend using our social media management tool.

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: closari]