Today Twitter launched a new tool that allows members to instantly create sharable movies highlighting their presence on the platform.

The #FollowMe tool uses Vizify — which teamed up with Twitter six months ago for the “Your Year on Twitter” project — to build a short, HTML5-based highlight clip using your followers, photos, tweets, and Vine videos.

“We see ourselves as helping to communicate online what it is that’s special about you using the weight of tweets to tell unique stories about people,” explained Vizify CEO Todd Silverstein. “Vizify analyzes, organizes and digitizes the words you talk about most on Twitter.”

#FollowMe automatically pulls in your top photos, tweets, and followers and compiles a highlight reel for you. Once the initial clip has been created, you can go in and customize the results by editing the music and pictures, as well as deciding which scenes to add or cut. And unlike Vine, which limits you to six seconds, this tool has no time limit.

It seems like a good match for celebrities and other notable public figures. An example of #FollowMe in action can be seen in basketball star Stephen Curry’s Vizify, which he tweeted out Wednesday evening as part of the NBA’s social media awards.


This new feature might not guarantee popularity, but for marketers, it’s a fun, quick way to highlight what’s happening inside your Twitter account and attract new followers. To get started, grant Vizify third-party app access and you’ll be redirected to the Vizify site.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Josey]