This week, Twitter announced a design tweak that will hide @replies (or Twitter “Mentions”) on verified accounts.

Currently Twitter’s design displays every tweet created by that brand or individual, which often causes updates to get lost in a stream of replies.

The latest update will give your fans control over which tweets are displayed when they visit your profile. For example, all tweets that begin with @username can be hidden so only original content shines through. Individuals will still be able to access all of your tweets by selecting “All” above the timeline on your profile page.

It’s important to note that this only applies to tweets in which @username appears in the beginning of a tweet. Any tweets that have @usernames inserted elsewhere will still appear on your profile.

This is an especially powerful feature for an individual who is still determining whether to follow you. He or she can quickly see what you’re saying without wading through dozens of customer service tweets or interactions with the rest of your followers.

Twitter is rolling this feature out to verified accounts over the next few weeks. It’s not yet known if the company plans to expand this update to non-verified and personal accounts.

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Pete Simon]