Twitter announced its first major update to its Discover tab, which now aims to provide you with more relevant information.

Last year, Twitter launched the Discover tab, which offers insight into what other members are sharing. Previously, the stories weren’t really interesting or relevant to the individual. Today’s update brings more personalized stories to the tab, including details about who tweeted the particular stories.

“We’ve incorporated additional personalization signals to select Discover stories, including Tweets that are popular among the people you follow and the folks they follow,” explained Satya Patel, VP of Product at Twitter.

To make it easier for you to join the conversation, Twitter has added a “View Tweets” option to every story. By clicking it, you can see popular Tweets from your network or recent relevant Tweets across the platform. You can also reply, retweet, or favorite these stories. Additionally, you can “Tweet this story” to start a new conversation.

The company recently added a new stream to its mobile Discover tab when it updated its iOS and Android apps. This stream will display Tweets that have been favorited or retweeted by the people you follow, as well as which accounts those people follow or add to lists.

Twitter will roll out the redesigned Discover tab for its website over the coming weeks. By including information that’s more relevant to you, Twitter has made it easier for you to keep a pulse on your community and join in on the conversation.

[Image credit: Pete Simon]