With more than 340 million tweets sent every day, it’s impossible to keep up — especially if you’re busy running a business. If you’re concerned about missing out, fear not. Twitter members now have the option to switch the weekly digest email to a daily delivery.

Twitter first introduced the email digest in May when it automatically signed everyone up. The email, which looks very similar to Twitter’s Discover tab, features the “most engaging” tweets viewed by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow the original author.

Much like a regular newsletter, these digests will now appear in your inbox daily instead of weekly, making the tweets much more relevant. In most cases the life span of a tweet is rather short, so a weekly digest could come across as stale. Although no longer real-time, daily digests will help you keep up with the day’s most important tweets in a somewhat timely manner.

Similar to Twitter’s mobile experience, you can continue reading a story by clicking on its headline. Additionally, you’ll be able to share your thoughts by tweeting directly from the email as well as retweet, favorite, or view the threaded conversation.

If you’d like to switch over to the new daily emails, access your email notifications within your Twitter settings. Scroll down to “Activity from your network” and make sure that “Top Tweets and Stories” is checked. Then, select “Sent as a daily digest” from the drop-down menu below. However, if you’re experiencing email overload, or you would rather catch up on tweets once a week, you can keep your settings the way they are.

[Image credit: Clever Cupcakes]