It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week we’ll show why adding your business phone number to your Twitter bio can be an effective marketing tactic for your business.

In addition to a strong Twitter Profile picture, your Twitter bio is one of the most important marketing tools available to you on Twitter. It helps people decide whether to follow you and it can provide vital links to your website and other social media outposts. It can also contain a call to action — copy that compels a reader not only to follow you but to follow-up with you as well.

Make it Easy for Prospects to Become Customers

More and more businesses are engaging with potential customers through social media to soften the sales cycle and to organically move a prospect toward becoming a customer. These days, it’s sometimes easier to find out about a business, like its hours of operation, its location, promotions, and so on by interacting with the business on Twitter instead of trying to find that information on the corporate website.

Sometimes, however, prospects have already done their homework or they’ve chatted with you on Twitter long enough to decide that they’re ready to move to the next step — making a purchase.

Of course, it makes sense to include a link to your sales page or your website so that people can navigate there if they prefer. But why not make it easy for the people who prefer the phone or who are mobile-enabled to reach you without any additional clicks? By definition, people who are accessing your Twitter account on their smartphones already have phones in their hands! Including your phone number in your bio just makes it that much easier for people to connect with you immediately when they have questions or are ready to buy.

Proof by Experiment

Try this experiment. Before making any changes to your Twitter bio, closely measure the total number of calls you receive on your main business line over the course of one week. Depending on the average volume of calls your business receives, a two-week trial period could be more appropriate. During the trial, take note of when all calls come in, where the callers are calling from, and any actions that resulted from the calls.

After the first week (or two), change your Twitter bio to include you main business phone number. Call attention to your phone number in your bio by mentioning it specifically in your Twitter updates at least three different times per day. Make note of these tweet times and see if there is a corresponding increase in the number of calls you receive after these tweets are published.

Continue to measure the overall volume and type of calls for the duration of the experiment. Compare the quantity and quality of the calls you received when your bio contained your phone number with the data you collected before you made any changes. With this simple no-cost experiment, you should easily be able to tell whether the inclusion of your phone number in your Twitter bio had a positive influence on the number and type of people contacting your business as a result.

Do you include your business phone number in your Twitter bio? Give it a try and let  us know the results!

[Image credit: Marco Arment]