A big challenge for alcohol brands is connecting with an age-appropriate audience on social networks. With that in mind, Twitter introduced an age screening process in July 2012 that allow adult brands to verify their followers’ ages and target the over-21 audience.

Today the company announced an improvement to the age-screening process that will let alcohol brands safely target the right demographics in a much simpler way that also keeps interested individuals on the social network.

Previously, when someone followed a liquor, beer, or wine account on Twitter, that person would automatically receive a Direct Message (DM) from the company directing them to an age screening page. Based on the age entered, that person would then be allowed to follow the alcohol brand.

Now people will be asked to supply their age right on Twitter.com, as well as on the company’s iOS and Android app, no DM required. Once an individual clicks Follow, the social network will ask him or her to input his or her age. Twitter will then perform a legal check based on what country is displayed on the individual’s profile.

Once successfully cleared, that person’s follower status will be confirmed and Twitter will remember that the account met the age requirement without keeping his or her date of birth. If someone’s entry doesn’t meet the legal drinking age in his or her country, that person’s follow request will be denied.

Twitter has partnered with brands like Bud Light, Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Heineken, and Bacardi, all of which are integrating the tool into their overall Twitter ad strategy. For example, Bud Light is using age-screened Promoted Accounts to reach people 21 and over and interested in the NFL during tis #whatsyoursuperstition campaign.

To start using this new form of age-screening, clients with account support can contact their teams directly. Self-serve accounts can sign in to request access.

[Image credit: Edwin Land]