Twitter updated their official blog today with a post covering Twitter account security and what you can do to keep your account safe. Earlier this month we talked about why you should change your Twitter password, and now Twitter has some additional tips for you.

The first and best tip is to make sure you have a strong password. That means at least 10 characters long and a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. More importantly, make sure it’s unique to your Twitter account. If your Twitter password is the same as your Gmail account , your Facebook account or your WordPress login then if those accounts get hacked, your Twitter account is vulnerable for takeover.

Link your phone to your Twitter account. If you click on Settings, then the Mobile tab, you will be prompted to enter a mobile phone address into Twitter. Once your phone is verified via a text message from Twitter, you will be able to use your phone to recover your Twitter account should it be compromised.

Finally, if you think your account is hacked Twitter recommends you immediately change your password and check for third party applications that have access to your Twitter account. You can check for those by clicking on Settings, then the Applications tab. If you see something you didn’t authorize, click on the Revoke Access button to the right of the application.

[Source: Twitter Account Safety Blog Post, Image credit: pacmikey]