This week Tumblr introduced a new ad product that enables you to pin your posts to the top of your followers’ dashboards.

The company has rolled out several advertising options since the beginning of the year. In February, it launched Highlighted Posts, which let you apply a label (for $2) to content you’d like to stand out in your followers’ streams. Tumblr also introduced Radar and Spotlight pages in May, which are a bit more brand-focused.

The newest addition, Pinned Posts, is similar to Highlighted Posts in that you can pay $5 to feature your content at the top of your followers’ dashboards for 24 hours. Your followers, however, can opt to un-pin those posts at any time — so your $5 might not go very far.

Both Highlighted and Pinned Posts are self-serve, which means you can check a box before you publish a post should you decide to feature it. Payments can be made by either credit card or through PayPal.

Although Tumblr now has four ad products, it has yet to provide an analytics dashboard, so it’s difficult to say how well these options are performing. The platform certainly sees a lot of traffic, but when it comes to spending your ad dollars, it might be worth waiting until more metrics are available regarding its success.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Josh James]