Two days after adding tablet support for Android, Tumblr has finally updated its iOS app to support the iPad.

In November, the popular blogging service released a faster and much more responsive version of its iPhone app. Businesses have had to rely on accessing Tumblr through the iPad’s browser, until now.

Just like the iPhone app, the native iPad app is fast and includes features like pinch and zoom to make photos larger, one-touch re-blogging of posts, offline support, multi-blog management, save drafts, queue posts, and more.

The iPad app also features markdown support —a simple way to add formatting like bold, bulleted lists, and so on — as well as a new “Explore” tab. Creating new posts should be a breeze using the new navigation and circular menus.

Despite recent downtime, Tumblr continues to be a popular platform for brands due to its ease of use and visually dominated nature. If you enjoy telling your company’s story through photos, download the updated iOS app today.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Claudia Regina]