Tumblr has launched an updated version of its iOS app, featuring significant changes aimed at making blogging from an iPhone easier than ever.

The updated app adds several new features, including a redesigned dashboard, support for high-resolution images and Spotify, a new photo viewer, and offline support.

The new dashboard is simpler to navigate, and the compose button offers various swipe shortcuts. For example, swipe up to access your camera, and left to go directly to the text editor.

With Tumblr’s heavy visual focus, the ability to include high-res images is a nice addition. The app has also enhanced the way images are managed by introducing a new system for viewing photos.

The most significant update is offline support. Now you’re able to post blogs, reblog content, and comment on others’ content while you’re offline. However, there are some limits. For example, new posts won’t go live until your device connects to the Internet. Additionally, if you’re reading offline, you’ll need to load content prior to losing your internet connection.

Other improvements include Spotify support, which means you can share music in addition to photos and text, as well as the ability to search by tags, which can have a significant impact on discovery.

Although Tumblr still lacks an iPad app, the updated interface is great for making quick updates from your iPhone — something social media and community managers do often.

[Via: GigaOm, Image credit: jessaax]