Union Metrics, a member of Tumblr’s ‘A-List Partnership Program,’ has announced that it’s making its analytics service for the blogging platform more affordable to professional bloggers, businesses, and individuals.

Called Union Metrics for Tumblr, the service launched last November with three pricing tears starting at $499 per month. The company did agree to add support for personal blogs in the future, and it looks like it’s making good on that promise.

The new lower cost tier will allow individuals to track up to three Tumblr blogs for $25 per month, while the free tier allows tracking of just one. While these are great for personal brands and small businesses, larger brands should look into the Basic ($199), Plus ($499), or Premium ($999) plans as they are a bit more customizable.

For example, with the free and Mini tier, you are limited to monitoring any Tumblr blog that you can log into. However, Tumblr’s Basic, Plus, and Premium plans include the ability to analyze any public blog — including your competitors’. You’ll also have access to topic analytics, which can monitor conversation about any topic on the platform based on keywords, tags, and source URLs.


With stats like 122 million blogs and more than 55 billion posts, Tumblr is bound to attract the attention of marketers, brands, and advertisers. Since its launch, Union Metrics for Tumblr has processed over 40 billion blog posts, reblogs, and likes, and has signed up customers like Funny Or Die, Yale University, Digg, and Hyatt.

Success is measured in a number of ways, and as more businesses turn to Tumblr for blogging needs, it’s becoming more important to monitor the engagement of your fans. To learn more about the different tiers, or sign up for a free trial, visit Union Metrics’ website.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Iman Mosaad]