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Before you completely unplug for the weekend, be sure to catch up on this week’s top social media news stories. We’ve got a lot of great articles for you, including what you need to know about third-party apps on Facebook. Additionally, we look at Instagram strategies used by universities, how social media is used to grow gaming communities, and why it’s important to optimize your company blog for social sharing. You can read all about these topics and more down below.

How Blizzard and Riot Use Social to Grow Gaming Communities

Social to Grow Gaming Communities Article Main Image

You might think that huge video game companies have it easy where social is concerned. After all, many of their users aren’t just customers — they’re fans. Whether they’re fans of the company, the game franchise, or individual developers, a game company’s fans can make for a dedicated customer base. Any company would be thrilled to have dedicated customers like that, but when we look at Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games, we see that fostering those communities is a lofty task. [Read More…]

Get Schooled on the Instagram Strategies Used by Universities

Top Universities Using Instagram Article Main Image

When it comes to building a social media presence, universities are faced with a unique set of challenges because they’re selling an education instead of a physical product. Additionally, their audiences range from prospective applicants, to current students, to successful alumni. But despite this unusual set of needs, universities have pulled inspiration from other business’ use of social media. [Read More…]

Community Manager Tips: Gossip Genie’s Darryl Villacorta


Community managers are in the field every day, talking to customers or brand fans and followers, but how do they best learn from each other? The real wisdom and value lies in sharing experiences and tangible ideas – especially as the social management profession matures. [Read More…]

Why and How You Should Optimize Blog Content for Social

Why and How You Should Optimize Blog Content for Social

As we’ve seen over the past couple of years, branded content can be an amazing marketing tool that any business can leverage. And while recent attention has focused primarily on micro content — such as tweets — you can’t ignore the impact social media has had on long-form content as well. [Read More…]

How to Upload Videos to Instagram From Your Phone

How to Upload Videos to Instagram Directly From Your Phone’s Gallery

Mobile tools are a must for keeping on top of social media activity, both in and out of the office. In fact, mobile has become a dominant enough force that some networks eschew any desktop version and are mobile-only. Instagram is one of social’s long-running examples of a mobile-only platform, and that can pose some interesting challenges for businesses. [Read More…]

What’s Changed and What Hasn’t for 3rd Party Apps on Facebook

What's Changed and What Hasn't for 3rd Party Apps on Facebook

Facebook this week announced a change to how posts from third-party apps appear in its users’ News Feeds. The algorithm update lowers visibility for posts shared implicitly by third-party apps, making room for more explicit updates from the apps. The new change won’t negatively impact the visibility and reach of posts you make to Facebook through Sprout Social — here’s why. [Read More…]

How Brands Are Turning Selfies Into Successful Campaigns

How Brands Are Turning Selfies into Successful Campaigns

What many thought was a passing fad has actually proved to be something much more valuable. The selfie, which was named Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year, has quickly become one of the leading digital trends of today, for better or worse! As with any trend, marketers were eager to figure out how selfies could be leveraged into upcoming campaigns. [Read More…]