Task Report Animation Blog

In addition to revamping our Team Report, Sprout is excited to offer the Task Performance Report—a new breakout report focusing on agent productivity. Available on Professional and Advanced plans, the Task Performance Report measures productivity based on Tasks. The report analyzes task assignment and completion rates across your Sprout account so you can track efforts at the user level.

The New Task Performance Report

The Assigned vs. Completed section of the report visually shows your team as a whole. Use the chart and totals to understand if your team is staying on track and completing Tasks. Leverage the comparison percentage to recognize trends in task usage.


The Task Performance, by Team Member previously lived in the Team Report. Use this section to track important touch points and see which team members took a task from assignment to completion.


Increase Productivity Using Sprout’s Tasks

The Task Performance Report works in conjunction with your team’s use of assigning tasks in the Smart Inbox. Follow these steps to increase productivity and best use Tasks and the Task Performance Report:

  • Your team can use Tasks within the Smart Inbox to work more collaboratively and ensure that inbound messages requiring a response are addressed. To do this, triage messages using Task, assign the charge to a specific user and designate the Task Type.
  • When replying to inbound messages, stay organized and avoid duplicative efforts by having team members mark both the message and task as complete.
  • Use the Task Performance Report to analyze productivity and completion rates, benchmark performance and adjust your productivity goals as necessary.

Does your team use Tasks? Are you excited to start measuring performance with our new report? Sound off in the comments and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. As always, be on the lookout for more updates to Sprout’s reporting suite.