There’s no doubt that Twitter has been pushing more visual content, and the success of images on the platform is undeniable. From President Obama’s “four more years” to Ellen’s Oscar selfie, photos are one of the most powerful drivers of engagement on Twitter. Now the company has given you one more reason why visual content should be an important part of your Twitter strategy.

Notable public figures and businesses have already done a fantastic job of integrating visuals and successfully generating more traffic with their tweets. But as Twitter continues to stress the importance of images, achieving social victory is always easiest when you have access to the right tools.

On Wednesday, Twitter announced the rollout of two new mobile features that help make photos even more social.

Photo Tagging

The first new feature allows members to tag up to 10 people in a photo, making conversations around tweets with images much easier. The new “Who’s in this photo?” button appears in the tweet compose screen once an image has been attached. Obvious benefits aside, the best thing about this feature is that the tagged Twitter handles won’t take away from your character count. Whether you tag one person or 10, you’ll still have all 140 characters at your disposal.

This could have a serious impact on discovery for individuals and businesses on Twitter. For example, if each celebrity were tagged in Ellen’s Oscar selfie, it would be much easier for fans to follow everyone — instead of having to search for each celeb’s Twitter handle. Additionally, if you’re the one being tagged in a photo, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to join the conversation.

Tagging could become cumbersome for well known public figures and brands, however. If you’d like to remove your name from photos you’re tagged in, just tap the ellipsis in the detail view of the tweet and select “Remove tag from photo.” You can also turn off the tagging ability entirely, or limit tagging to only the people who you follow, by visiting the security and privacy settings on Twitter.

Multiple Uploads

In addition to photo tagging, Twitter also rolled out the ability to share a series of photos in a single tweet — without having to rely on the Twitter Gallery Card. Now you can upload up to four photos, which will automatically be arranged in a collage. This ability is currently available on iPhone only and support will be added to Android and soon.

Multiple uploads support is a pretty significant addition considering that tweets with photos see a 35 percent boost in retweets. This is also a great way for marketers to represent collections of photos within a tweet. Retailers can showcase new products, fashion brands can highlight pieces from a new collection, and so on.

Tips for Sharing Photos

Everything you post or upload should have a purpose behind it. Don’t attach a random image to a tweet just for the sake of doing so. The image you choose should complement your brand and strategy, so make sure that it’s relevant and adds value. Additionally, a blurry or pixelated photo won’t encourage fans to share your tweet. Dedicate some time to crafting your image to ensure the highest return.

Keep in mind that both photo tags and multiple uploads will appear in embedded tweets as well. So if a media outlet uses your tweet in a news article, the chances of retweets or clicks on a URL will increase. The assets (photos) associated with that tweet should be of the highest caliber.

To start tagging photos, upload the latest version of Twitter for iPhone and Android. And remember, the multiple uploads feature is only available on iPhone at this time. Support for Android and the web version is coming soon.

[Image credit: Mykl Roventine, Clever Cupcakes, John Verive]