In an effort to make it easier for consumers to find participating merchants, Square has launched a web-based search engine that returns results based on the user’s location.

Square Directory already features more than 200,000 businesses, and not only helps individuals find what they’re looking for, but also provides access to local deals and special offers.

Each business has its own listing, featuring a summary of their venue, contact information, menu items and prices, and an optional rewards section. In a way, Square Directory is a lot like Yelp, minus the reviews.

The biggest challenge faced by the mobile payments industry is adoption. By making it easier for people to find merchants accepting Square, it not only boosts acceptance among consumers, but it also helps to set Square apart from the competition.

Currently Square is used by over 2 million individuals and businesses. With the exposure and convenience of the new directory, we’re sure to see that number grow quickly. Square offers a fixed rate for small businesses. It’s something to consider if you’re interested in a mobile payment solution.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Ines Hegedus-Garcia]