Sprout Insights is still a new blog, but we’re amazed and flattered by the reception and attention our readers have given us. So we’ve introduced a few new features to Sprout Insights to make it easier to find friends and work contacts here, and to make your voice heard.

There are thousands of every-day Sprout Insights readers — most of them small business owners, social media managers, online marketers, digital media editors and other discerning professionals. We’re inspired to do an even better job by the fact that you trust us as a source of news and other resources on the intersection between the social web and business.

One important thing we feel we could do better is community — we want Sprout Insights to be the place where you come to get your questions answered, voice your opinions, and meet other people passionate about the potential the web offers to professionals and businesses.

New Comments: Easier Sign-In, Twitter, Facebook, and More

First, we’ve adopted the Livefyre comments platform, which allows you to sign in quickly to leave comments by using your Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Open ID social accounts. It also brings in conversations from Twitter and Facebook and lets you tag people, “like” the comments you think are insightful, share them, and more.

In the past, you had to create an account with Sprout Insights to leave a comment. That’s not the case any more. Taking part in the conversation is two clicks away — no sign-up required. And we know the conversation is also happening on Twitter and Facebook, which is why Livefyre automatically brings related discussions to the blog.

We’ll publish our new community guide next week.

The New Sprout Social Channel

Sprout Insights is part of Sprout Social, a company that provides one of the leading social media management tools that help businesses schedule updates to Twitter and Facebook and track customer engagement. We’re really proud of our product and our team, and we believe both have a lot to offer to the conversation.

However, we know not every Sprout Insights reader is interested in Sprout Social, so we’ve launched a new “Sprout Social” channel just for articles about the social media management app and updates from the team that works on it.

You can visit the Sprout Social channel through the button in Sprout Insights‘ right sidebar, but you’ll also notice that any posts from the channel (like this one) have a special banner to identify them when they appear in the list of posts on the blog.

We’ve done this because we’re committed to editorial integrity. You can clearly identify which articles are related to our product, and which ones are objective and journalistic in nature. We’ve also done it so that readers who are interested in the other services we have to offer have a place to go to learn more.

Regular Columns to Keep You Up to Date

There’s a lot going on in the world of social media. Not every one has time to read every news article or every how-to guide. That’s why we have four columns to help you keep track of the most important information.

Twitter and Facebook are inarguably the most important social networks for most businesses, so we have weekly columns dedicated to each: Twitter Tip Tuesday and Facebook Friday.

Each Saturday, we round up all the important social media news of the week. We do the same with a list of new guides, how-tos, opinion pieces, and other featured articles on Sundays.

Circle Us on Google+

Most of you know where to find Sprout Insights on Facebook and on Twitter by now, but we’re making the most of the new social network on the block, too. You can now get updates from Sprout Social on Google+, and join in the conversation there.

We’re excited about Google+ because it’s arguably a better environment for detailed discussion — it’s almost like a blog unto itself. Connect with us there if Google+ is your social network of choice.

Thanks for reading, and let us know in the comments if you think of any other ways we can make this a better resource and community.

[Image credit: Sreejith K]