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To that end, we’re pleased to present the Sprout Insights series Spotlight on Startups. We’ll find the most innovative, useful startup companies out there, get the inside track on what they’re doing, and tell you how you can leverage their products and services for your own business.

This week we’re casting the spotlight on Capture POD — a promotional photo-booth rental company based in Miami, FL.

What Is Capture POD?

Capture POD is a rentable photo booth. But make no mistake, the Capture POD is definitely not the darkly lit, poor quality and claustrophobic photo booth you probably remember from your mall-going days.

According to its website, Capture POD is a “revolutionary” photo booth that has been updated with a heavy emphasis on fun and utility. Businesses, conferences, and even individuals rent Capture PODs to provide guests with a fun way to capture, share, and print candid photos of events. Guests pose for photos in the Capture POD photo booth and “within seconds” two photo strips are printed — one for the guests and optionally one for the host’s event scrapbook.

Renters can choose a variety of packages and options for their guests. Capture POD has a number of rental locations throughout the U.S. Installation and breakdown of the units is handled by Capture POD technicians.

What Needs Does It Address?

Carlos Pacheco, co-creator and co-owner of Capture POD, says that although the photo booth has been around for a long time, the photo booth rental concept was really popularized by the modern wedding industry. However, with his professional photography background, he felt that the traditional photo booths available for rent at weddings really detracted from the formality and glamor of these events. This inspired Carlos and his partner, Henry Geddes, to create the professionally designed and engineered Capture POD.

“It’s designed to aesthetically enhance an event, not take away from it,” says Pacheco. The POD’s photography equipment is also designed to a much higher technical standard than most other photo booths, according to Mr. Pacheco. “The other key difference which has a huge impact on the quality of our photos is the lighting design in the booths,” he says.

Mr. Pacheco adds that most photo booths have either a sliding curtain or a green screen background (which can be used to insert custom backgrounds using photo-editing software). “Curtains make the backgrounds really dull and boring, and green screens limit the clothing choices of the guests,” he says. “Our customizable background is known as a seemless wall — which mimics what you’d find in a professional photography studio,” Pacheco says.

How You Can Leverage Capture POD

Wedding rentals make up about 60 percent of Capture POD’s business, with the other 40 percent coming from corporate clients like Reebok, McDonald’s, Disney, and others. These brands understand the value in providing a customized “marketing machine” at their events, says Pacheco. But you needn’t be a nationally known brand to leverage the excitement and opportunity that comes from placing a photo booth at your event.

Mr. Pacheco offers the example of a local Fort Lauderdale nightclub, America’s Backyard (pictured above). It used the prints from a Capture POD event as coupons that guests could redeem later for free drinks at the nightclub. It also promoted Likes to its Facebook Page in return for access to more pictures of the event.

“We’re also the manufacturers of the Capture POD,” says Pacheco, “so we can create the booths to look like a baseball, a tiki hut, or anything that the client wants”. In fact, he’s talking with a major hotel chain right now that wants to put customized Capture PODS in the lobbies of all its hotels. “PR companies have also purchased Capture PODS so that they can provide customize installations for their clients,” adds Pacheco.

In other words, the Capture POD is a very effective, engaging, interactive marketing tool; it naturally attracts attention and participation wherever it’s installed. If your business is looking for an affordable, innovative and fun way to get its brand message shared by an enthusiastic and unanimously positive target audience, then perhaps the Capture POD is a platform that will work well for you.

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[Image credits: Capture POD(YouTube), Capture POD]