Music streaming service Spotify has announced partnerships with several brands as it introduced its new feature, Brand Apps.

Spotify launched Apps last year, which allow official partners or developers to set up playlists and other features based on members’ experience with the service.

Brand Apps will be fully developed by companies, similar to the experience offered by Facebook Apps. Details are scarce in terms of what these brands are building, but we do know that AT&T’s “Surround Sounds” will enable members to see a map for music that was recorded or performed near a specific location.

Other partners include Intel, McDonald’s, and Reebok; however, all eyes are focused on the global partnership between Spotify and Coca-Cola. The 125-year-old company has been quietly working with developers to build its Spotify app at a private hackathon — the winning app is expected to be released to the public “in mid-June/July.”

Spotify will be involved with Coca Cola Music, which is launching later this year and running through 2012, as well as its 2012 London Olympics campaign. The company is also expected to integrate the service into its Facebook presence and Timeline.

This is a major partnership for the music streaming service, which all just revealed that it has receive more than 1.5 billion Facebook shares. Spotify is expected to expand into other countries, but it’s still unclear when additional brands will be able to take advantage of the new Apps offering.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Jon Aslund]