You’ll often hear that great customer service is bigger than just solving customer problems.

And it is.

But an organization has to master the fundamentals before it can be effective elsewhere.

To quote the wise words of beloved karate master, Mr. Miyagi: “First learn to stand, then learn to fly. Nature’s rule, not mine.”

If building a beloved brand is flying, taking care of the customers who keep your lights on is standing.

Take a step back and realize that your customers’ complaints aren’t a burden or merely a box that needs to be checked, they’re the purest form of product development research.

When your customer’s bring an issue to you, they’re not posing a hypothetical situation, they’re real problems. And it’s a chance for your organization to eliminate those issues and promote both innovation and growth.

In the retail space, service is what sets brands apart. There’s a trust your customers should feel every time they visit your site or step into your shop. The world is a veritable smorgasbord of options and brands all vying for the customer’s attention, and they’re choosing you.

How a company responds to customer issues can make or break a brand’s perception. Reactive support is a big aspect of strengthening the relationships between your brand and your consumers and with social, companies can quickly deliver a tailored service experience.

A customer comes to you looking for help. When you can take that interaction and turn it into a positive, it’s more than a good feeling, it’s good business.

Casio UK Divisional Manager, Richard Sharpe, talks about differentiation through exceptional customer service.