Another busy week is a wrap! In case you weren’t able to stay on top of your RSS feeds, we’ve got some of this week’s biggest social media news stories right here.

First up, we took a look at Facebook Graph Search following the news that the social network is testing mobile support. Want to know how the feature can help your brand? We covered three major use cases that you might be interested in. Facebook also announced that admins of verified Pages now have editing capabilities. In honor of that news, we caught up on social verification across platforms, including exclusive features offered by Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Below you’ll also find stories about the unique relationship between Twitter and television, how musicians can benefit from social media, some pretty big news from Klout.

3 Ways Marketers Are Using Facebook Graph Search

A lot was said during last week’s Facebook Q4 earnings call. From soaring usage stats to the development of new standalone apps, the social network shared several key pieces of information that impact marketers. One thing that we didn’t cover in our previous article was the expansion of Graph Search.

Although Mark Zuckerberg didn’t go into details during the call, he hinted that the functionality was in development for mobile. Until now, Graph Search has only been available for U.S. members on the web. But over the weekend, some members began seeing the option on their mobile devices. [Read More…]

Social Media Verification: Profile Authenticity and Its Perks

A common challenge that prominent public figures and popular brands face is having to deal with copycat and impostor social media accounts. While fans and customers are generally able to tell the difference, some fake accounts make it really difficult to do so. This can lead to inaccurate information being shared and, as a result, confused or frustrated consumers.

Fortunately some social networks have been proactive in helping people find the authentic accounts of celebrities and other high-profile people and businesses through verified accounts. Often accompanied by a specific icon — in Facebook’s case, a blue checkmark — that symbol tells viewers that the account they’re looking at belongs to that person or brand. [Read More…]

Twitter and TV Is a Win-Win for Marketers, Here’s How

People love to have real-time conversations about current events on Twitter, and Super Bowl XLVII was no exception. Members shared more than 24.9 million tweets about the game, halftime performance, and of course, the commercials. Today the companypublished data from a new study that demonstrates just how important its relationship with TV is for brands.

We’ve said before that watching television has become a social experience, and as welooked through Twitter’s activity over the past year, we’ve noted several strategic moves that solidified the company’s position as a driving force behind that shift. The increasing popularity of social media and mobile devices has revolutionized the way consumers watch television. But in addition to the second screen experience for viewers, the relationship between TV and Twitter has had a huge impact on marketers as well. [Read More…]

See How Social Media Is Putting Musicians Front and Center

Musicians and their fans have long been active on social networks, and recent upgrades has made social media an invaluable tool for the music industry. Not only can a killer profile help artists mark major milestones, but it can also make getting your songs in fans’ ears even easier.

Currently seven out of the 10 most followed Twitter accounts belong to musicians. The only non-musicians in that group are President Barack Obama, YouTube, and Instagram. Katy Perry, who is at the top of that list, has reached more than 50 million followers, making her the most followed person on Twitter. [Read More…]

More Than a Number: Klout Wants You to Share Great Content

Since 2008, Klout has used its algorithm to help individuals and businesses measure their social influence on the web. The most popular question the company has received is how people can raise their Klout Score. While the math may be too complicated, Klout’s CPO Sanjay Desai believes the answer is simple: “create great content.”

In Klout’s latest update, the company shows how it has evolved from a just measurement tool into a service that tells you why you’re influential as well as how you can boost your influence. The new version now focuses less on your numerical score and more on how you can create and share informative and relevant content that will keep your audience engaged. [Read More…]