YouTube series Turn & Burn regularly discusses best practices in insights for digital and social media in the restaurant and hospitality industries. This past week, host Paul Barron interviewed Sprout Social CEO about the role that social media has in that space.

Justyn talks about making the product usable for team members across an organization — even as the tool goes into use by untrained team members low on the rung. He also makes it clear that businesses today are finding that it’s all or nothing on social platforms — you can’t just publish a few updates and expect something back from your customers. It’s about building an ongoing, involved interpersonal relationship on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

That’s what our Sprout Social tool is all about, and we hope Sprout Insights serves as a valuable resource for determining how best to approach those goals in your organization. Watch the video below for Justyn’s insights and let us know what you think