This week, it was all about getting your brand’s social content, website and product out in front of your consumers. Pinterest shared its publishing best practices, Dr. Pete Meyer’s suggested a better way to conduct keyword research and Neil Patel offered up a list of tips for generating email signups prior to a new product launch.

Planning for Events With Pinterest

“45% of Pinners plan for holidays at least 60 days out, which is 21% higher than the general population. These eager event enthusiasts typically start saving Pins four months before an event and increase Pinning activity up until the big day.”
Emma Dunbar, Partner Marketing Manager at Pinterest

Why it matters: ? = ?
Pinners are gonna Pin. And, while the rest of us are figuring out what to wear to work on Friday, they’re are already planning out how they’re going to slay Thanksgiving dinner with grandma-approved casserole dishes. On Pinterest, the early bird gets the worm. So, if your brand is looking to cash in, it’s essential to have a proactive Pinterest marketing strategy.

Keyword Research: Going Beyond Guesswork

“When we do keyword research, we tend to focus on discovery. Keyword discovery is a critical process, but what we’re left with at the end is a long and often rambling list to prioritize, and typically we prioritize either by our own gut feelings or by the black box of AdWords global volume. What if there were a better way?”
Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz

If you’re wondering which keywords have the most potential, Meyer’s suggested formula looks something like this:

KP = sqrt(V) * (1 – KD / 100) * (KO / 100) * I

    • Volume (V)
    • Keyword Difficulty (KD)
    • Keyword Opportunity (KO)
    • Importance (I)

Why it matters:? ?
Keyword research is a fundamental building block of any strong SEO campaign. SEO consistently changes and brands that proactively continue to enhance their website’s ranking will see the benefits of increased visibility.

6 Ways to Get Signups for Your Product That Hasn’t Launched

“Everyone has the dream of a ‘big launch.’ The worst thing you can do for your business is focus solely on the product until you launch.”
Neil Patel, QuickSprout

It’s hard to generate interest around a new product, especially when it isn’t available yet. Patel suggests creating an email list that people who are interested in your product can join. His article dives into six detailed ways businesses can obtain early signups who are more likely to become paying customers.

Why it matters:?
For any brand, launching a new product and hearing crickets is a nightmare. Whether it be through beta access or simply a “coming soon” website or Facebook Page, drum up excitement and give your potential customers something to look forward to.

What does your brand’s content distribution and social media publishing strategy look like? How does it vary across social network and marketing discipline? Share your thoughts in the comments below.