The people who run successful social media programs are often great sources of information about digital communication, online business, and behind-the-scenes knowledge. And by definition, they’re also all on Twitter.

We’ve tracked down some marketing professionals who would make good additions to your Twitter feed. They exemplify smart, social media personas for industry leaders and tweet lots of great links that are worth a look.

Some of these marketers might be most helpful to those of you who are in their same industries, but all will undoubtedly supply you with an amazing amount of inspiration. In any case, you’re sure to find a good read. All of the images you see below are interactive, embedded tweets. Feel free to connect directly with these six inspiring social media marketers.

1. Jennifer Kane

Jennifer Kane owns Kane Consulting, a Minneapolis company focused on social media and digital technology consulting. She has plenty of interesting tweets about social media, but her main appeal is the excellent balance she walks between life and work on Twitter. You’re just as likely to see tweets sharing cool infographics as you are tweets about getting her kids ready for the first day of school.

She’s also a wonderful example of cordiality on Twitter. For instance, Kane and a colleague recently submitted a talk for the next South by Southwest conference. After putting out some calls for votes, she thanked everyone who said they’d backed the proposal. It’s reassuring to see this kind of example set by Twitter leaders such as Kane.

2. David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz, vice-president of emerging media with digital marketing agency 360i, may be one of the most conversational social media professionals on Twitter. Like Jennifer Kane, he is always quick to respond to a direct mention or to thank someone for a retweet. And with more than 18,000 followers, that ends up being a heavy volume of posts!

All those tweets show a marketing professional who is using Twitter wisely — both to reach out to new people and to cultivate existing relationships. It’s inspiring to see how well he can connect with other industry leaders on this platform and engage in serious conversations within the constraints of 140 characters.

3. Stephanie Gehman

Another chatty Twitter marketer is Stephanie Gehman, marketing manager for Harrisburg International Airport. Surprisingly, her feed has little to no mention of her day-to-day work. But she has plenty to say about life in the airline industry and about general good business practices! With the #biztip hashtag, Gehman regularly posts thought-provoking questions about how you could engage with your customers or how you present yourself on social media networks.

Whether or not you decide to follow Gehman, you should definitely seek out some people to follow who have a good mind for business and have some knowledge about your specific sector. Having those outside minds as inspiration, especially from an unexpected online source, can help you stay motivated.

4. Robert Scoble

He’s the Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace, and even though “social media” is nowhere in his job title, Robert Scoble’s Twitter account is a treasure trove of information for new businesses on the grow. He maintains a list of tech startups on Facebook and is always on the hunt for more. Scoble is also a technophile and frequently retweets news updates about gadgets from major news blogs. Social media is often the subject of his posts, and he’s very active on Facebook and Google+.

Somebody like Scoble is important to follow for the zeitgeist factor. You’ll want to have a few people of this caliber in your Twitter feed to get some insight into what industry leaders are reading and talking about. Scoble has some serious social media cred, with nearly 283,000 followers. He’s one of those people who many folks want to keep tabs on. He was one of Twitter’s early adopters and with a CV including Fast Company and Microsoft, he’s on the cutting edge of the tech scene.

5. Jessica Kalbarczyk

Sometimes you need to draw a clear line separating your personal and professional lives, and Jessica Kalbarcyzk, social media analyst at Samsung Electronics, has done just that. She uses the @SamsungJessica Twitter account just for her work purposes and keeps her personal musings under a different Twitter handle.

Her professional account is an example of how Samsung has wisely chosen to handle customer service on Twitter. By giving its employees a dedicated corporate option, the customer service team can have more flexibility to be thorough with their tasks — and still have a way to enjoy Twitter as individuals. On her Samsung handle, Kalbarczyk shares tips about company merchandise and retweets posts from the main branded account. This is the type of information that you wouldn’t necessarily want to bombard your friends with!

6. David Armano

David Armano is the managing director of Edelman Digital Chicago, and his Twitter feed is a great source of insightful links and articles. He’s done a great job of curating the social media buzz across newspapers and personal blogs, with topics ranging from the role of social media in the 2012 election to the cost of designing famous brands’ logos. Following Armano’s account is a great way to stay abreast of insights in the fast-changing world of digital communication and business.

Do you know a social media marketer who people should be following on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

[Image credit: Andreas Eldh]