Finding a positive Return on Investment (ROI) as a result of social media activities is the holy grail for companies everywhere. As you’ll see from the variety of companies and resources we highlighted this week, it’s clear that keeping your customers happy and engaged with social media is a tangible means to achieve sales success.

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Download Twitter’s #mktgkickstart Tool Kit to Help You Drive Sales

Today our partner the Twitter Small Business team released a helpful quickstart tool kit for making a bigger impact with Twitter to achieve your business goals. Download the tool kit right now for a hugely helpful checklist of small changes you can make to your brand’s Twitter presence that can improve your ability to connect with customers.

The tweaks you can make range from optimizing your Twitter bio, making good use of visual assets like photos, and building out a content calendar. Twitter even provided a sample content calendar that should give you a great sense of how to effectively create your own. [ Read More… ]

This Customer and Marketer Share Both Sides of a Positive Social Story

Once you’ve implemented a great social media strategy, it can sometimes feel like you’re practicing theoretical physics. You have ideas and concepts in play that seem like they should create the desired results, but it may not be easy to see them taking shape in the real world with real consequences.

When your strategy centers on customer service and delivering a great customer experience, though, the responses of your audience can give some much-needed evidence to support the theoretical side. To exemplify the connection between a great strategy and great results, we spoke with a savvy marketer and a happy customer. [ Read More… ]

These Pros Tell Us Why Social Should Be Part of Your Customer Care

As big businesses increasingly turn to social channels to offer customer service, you may wonder if your business should get in on the social customer care rush. Why do so many businesses offer social support options — and should you be offering them, too?

“We didn’t take customer service to the social Web, our customers did!” says Katie Laird, PR and Social Media Manager for “And I’m so happy they did – it’s fun to connect to customers on their own turf.” The fact that your customers are already active on social channels is key to social customer service growth. [ Read More… ]

[Image credits: Amplified Group, Puesto, JD Hancock ]