The DNA of a successful brand and business looks much different than it did 10 years ago.

The difference? Social media leveled the playing field. The social landscape gives brands of any size the same opportunity to impact consumers.

The accessibility of different tools on each platform makes social an ideal space to showcase every aspect of a business. So it’s no longer just big names monopolizing ad space amongst one another, squeezing out smaller players—now it’s about the consumer.

With the evolution of news feed algorithms that are educated by preference, all brands are given the same blank slate to build on in front of their audience to better reach, understand, connect and share more of who they are as a brand.

The democratization of social offers consumers more options and greater agency in choosing their loyalties. It forces all brands to stop, listen and learn.

Fifty & Five Managing Partner, Lucas Vandenberg, describes how social has leveled the playing field for modern businesses.