While there’s no shortage of social networks for professionals, Skype has launched a new platform specifically for small businesses. Skype in the Workspace aims to keep you connected with potential customers, partners, and even suppliers.

The idea pulls inspiration from and builds upon an existing platform called Skype in the Classroom. Launched in 2010, Skype in the Classroom helps educators collaborate on projects and share resources. The Microsoft-owned service now hopes to bring this concept into the workplace.

The idea is to create a resource where you can find contacts to help you grow your business — whether that’s booking appointments with potential suppliers or customers, or inviting participants to product demos — regardless of location or industry.

“From the designer in San Francisco looking to source textile suppliers in Thailand, to the London consultant connecting with clients in Milan, the possibilities are endless,” explained Ural Cebeci, Head of SMB Marketing at Skype.

Skype in the Workspace is now available to everyone, and boasts an active community of 500 businesses — today’s launch follows a six-month beta trial. Membership is free and you can join using your existing Skype username and password.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Jyri Engestrom]