Today YouTube has improved some of the tools that help you share your videos with fans.

Previously the service enabled you to share a video to social networks, but it didn’t provide the ability to customize the text that goes along with it.

Now creators can customize the message subscribers see whenever you upload a video to your Channel. This post will appear in YouTube feeds just as it would if you were to upload a video and then make a Channel post about the same video.

The text will be included when your video is shared across connected social accounts, such as your linked Google+ profile. This means that you no longer have to visit each site to manually create a new post for each video. Offering you an even greater convenience, YouTube noted that this also works with the scheduled publishing feature.

Additionally, once you connect your YouTube account with Google+, your public videos will be featured on the Videos tab in your Google+ profile. The videos will play on YouTube and the tab links to your Channel. To help your fans find your videos, the tab will be renamed YouTube. You can see an example of this on Bruno Mars’ Google+ profile.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Threat to Democracy]