Publishers and bloggers will soon be able to provide their readers with a frictionless sharing experience on their website.

ShareNow, a new product from the web sharing tool provider ShareThis, enables automatic sharing to social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, without having to create a customized social reader.

According to ShareThis, 31 percent of referral traffic within its publisher network comes from sharing. Previously there was no way for you to enable effortless sharing on your site without custom development from social networks.

The tool acts as a small widget on any webpage enabling readers to share, delete, and re-share content without ever leaving your website. Additionally, individuals will be able to click through to the content without having to install a social reader.

“We’ve always been all about giving people the flexibility to share the content that moves them, whenever and however they want,” stated ShareThis CEO Kurt Abrahamson. “And we want to make things as simple as possible for publishers to offer their readers that flexibility.”

Ideally, ShareNow will help to increase social activity around your content, page views on your site, and level of user control.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Akidos]