Today Facebook introduced its new Shared Activity plugin, giving members a simpler way to manage their privacy.

Since the launch of Open Graph apps, individuals have been able to automatically publish their activity from websites and apps to their Facebook Timelines. These settings are bound to be forgotten, and in order to remove a shared item, a person has to leave your web app and go back to Facebook.

Through the Shared Activity app, fans can control their privacy without leaving your app. For example, if an individual Likes a restaurant through a travel app, he or she can decide right there whether that activity should be viewable to everyone or a select group. It’s also retroactive, so anyone can go back to previous updates and adjust those privacy settings.

In a way, this could even help your fans deliver more targeted stories to their networks. Going back to the previous example, someone from Chicago might not care about a restaurant review in Seattle. This individual could instead share this relevant activity with a custom group of friends in Seattle.

It’s important to note that this plugin doesn’t control privacy settings within your app. Keep in mind that this needs to be implemented before your fans can take advantage. You can read more about installation in Facebook’s documentation.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: David Lotito]