Create a Competitive Listening Topic using the Competitive Analysis template

The new Competitive Analysis query builder template enables you to define up to 6 competitor brands, products or segments that you want to measure and compare to inform your marketing strategy.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Navigate to the Listening homepage. 
  3. Click the Competitive Analysis Template in the Template launchpad at the top of the homepage.
  4. Fill in a Topic name and description.
  5. Choose your network sources. 
  6. Choose a competitor and begin filling in the first Competitor Query Card with relevant details about that competitor, including relevant keywords, hashtags, and username handles. 
  7. Click Add New Competitor to create a new Query Card for a different competitor. 
  8. Continue this process until you have created queries for all of your top competitors (up to 6). 
  9. (Optional) Fill out the Excluded Keywords section if you have specific keywords, hashtags, or profiles that you know will cause unwanted noise in your results. 
  10. (Optional) Use Advanced Filtering to further refine your Topic by language, location and more
  11. Click Preview at the top right of the query to preview your Listening Topic results. 
  12. (Optional) Filter the results by each Competitor to determine if you need to refine the query to remove noise or unwanted messages.

Use the Listening Performance tab to compare competitors’ performance across key metrics

The Listening Performance Tab allows you to compare and contrast the performance of top competitors across key metrics, including Share of Voice, engagement, sentiment and impressions.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Create a Competitive Analysis Topic in Listening (see above release note).
  3. View Topic Summary under the Performance Tab to compare competitor performance across key metrics, including Share of Voice, engagement, and sentiment.
  4. Filter by competitor in the right-filter bar to narrow the data for specific competitor performance.


Analyze competitor performance data in the Scorecard tab

The Scorecard tab breaks down each competitor’s performance data, including Share of Voice, message volume, engagement, and more.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Navigate to the Listening homepage. 
  3. Click into a Competitive Analysis Topic
  4. Click the Scorecard tab in the top menu bar. 

Migrate an existing Competitive Topic to the new Competitive Analysis template

To take advantage of the new Competitive Analysis updates, existing competitive topics will need to be manually migrated to the new format.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Navigate to the Listening tab.
  3. Click into your competitive topic. 
  4. Click Try it Now in the alert banner at the top of the page (screenshot below). 
  5. Follow the process laid out in the product tour.
  6. Repeat steps for any other competitive topics.