Last week Facebook added a new section called My Offers to the site that gives members easier access to their claimed offers. Now, the social network has started suggesting additional offers that could be of interest.

Displayed below claimed offers, some members are now seeing “Recommended Offers” featuring promotions from other retailers. It’s not yet known how the suggested offers are chosen, but hopefully Facebook’s algorithm is striving for relevancy.

The social network has also updated the icon for Offers across the website. Now, instead of a yellow square, Offers are represented with a green “starburst” shape. This change actually occurred a couple of days ago, so Facebook Page managers have likely noticed it before now.

These updates are just a couple of the changes Facebook has made to Offers in hopes of increasing conversions. Also last week, the company began testing a new version of Offers, which gave members the option to shop immediately or receive a reminder before the promotion ends.

With so much going on inside the News Feed, Offers haven’t necessarily stood out, and redemption metrics are still unknown. It’s possible that the revamped icons, larger image sizes, and new redemption options will be enough to start pulling in more awareness. That said, it’s unlikely that this will be the last adjustment we see for Facebook Offers.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Kenny Louie]