With more than 180,000 new topics added in 2012, Quora is making some major improvements. The company has introduced trending topics and redesigned topic pages as it works toward attracting a more diverse audience.

Quora is best known as an aggregated question and answer platform that is created, edited, and organized by its community. Early adopters from the tech and business industries flocked to the site early on, but that’s starting to change as the site goes more mainstream.

In an effort to simplify discovery, Quora added trending topics to the right sidebar. Currently these aren’t personalized and will simply display the most popular subjects on the site. You might not see a huge jump in participation on your topics right away, but it might provide some insight into which areas you should contribute.

Additionally, Quora redesigned topic pages, which now feature a single news feed of relevant questions and answers. Content that has already been viewed will be hidden, allowing an individual to focus on what’s new — a particularly handy feature for those that follow several industries.

According to Quora, tech and business now account for just 24 percent of answers on the site. These are minor changes, but it could lead to an increase in members as the user-experience improves.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: D’Arcy Norman]