The question-and-answer website Quora has revealed a new commenting system, which makes it easier for you interact with other posters and discuss questions. The revamp adds support for threaded comments and now lets users vote on the helpfulness of each comment.

Quora – created by two former Facebook employees – is created, edited, and organized by its community. The site aggregates questions and answers to topics and allows users to collaborate on them.

The biggest change to Quora is the addition of a threaded commenting feature for the discussions below a question and its answers. An individual can now reply to specific comments in an answer thread by writing in the text box under each comment. Additionally users can now vote on the helpfulness of a comment by clicking on the up and down arrows – similar to how helpful/unhelpful answers are rated.

“What we’ve seen is that people like to talk about and discuss posts and questions, and this lets them do it in a way that’s more organized as well as much more fun and responsive,” explains Mark Bodnick, Quora’s CEO.

Another noteworthy change is that Quora now offers the ability to edit a published comment by clicking on a timestamp below it. Corrections and additions can easily clutter a thread so this is a handy feature as not many platforms – such as Facebook – allow for post-published editing.

Depending on your industry, Quora might already include colleagues and competitors. Following industry experts on Quora can be educational for any business owner. The user base is full of really smart people, including journalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and so on. Being present by both asking and answering questions can be helpful for  measuring engagement and help you become a thought leader within your industry.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Clarkston SCAMP]