The user-generated site Quora has moved beyond Q&A and has introduced a new way to share, organize, and consume content through a new feature called Boards.

Quora was previously known for aggregating questions and answers to topics and allowing users to collaborate on them. With Boards, you can now post whatever information you like without a question having to be asked first.

Click the “Create a board” button at the top right of the website to get started. You can add links to web content, such as videos or photos, or you can pull in content from Quora. You can create as many Boards as you’d like and they can be public, subscriber-only, or private. They can also have multiple contributors, which is great for businesses with large social media teams. You can also add descriptions and commentary to anything that’s been already been added to the Board.

“As a contributor, boards give you a context so you can focus your posts for the specific people who are interested in them,” explained Quora co-founder and CEO Adam D’Angelo. “As a reader, boards let you control what you see in your feed with more granularity.” Similar to Tumblr and Pinterest, each Board has its own set of followers. Visitors can choose to follow you, your Boards, or both.

Depending on your industry, Quora might already include colleagues and competitors. Contributing to questions and answers or collaborating on Boards can be educational for you team while helping you become a thought leader within your industry.

[Via: DigitalTrends, Image credit: D’Arcy Norman]