Celebrities and their fans have long been active on social networks, and recent upgrades have made social media an invaluable tool for the entertainment industry. Today, nearly 800 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook. From interacting with actors and checking out new tracks from musicians, to cheering on athletes, there are more than a billion interactions between public figures and their fans on the platform every week.

But that engagement is far from one-sided. Not only are high-profile individuals actively interacting with fans, but many of them are leveraging the unique features available through Facebook to share meaningful and original content with supporters. From news and politics to entertainment, here are a few public figures who go above and beyond in order to enrich their fans’ social experience.

Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren sets a great example for politicians on Facebook thanks to a well-balanced Timeline. Not only does she post updates about timely issues and historical facts, but her Page weaves in just enough personal updates to not overwhelm supporters with political agenda.

Warren also pays a great deal of attention to what goes into her status updates by using captivating headlines and clear calls-to-action, as well as engaging images and videos that inspire sharing. Her informative articles and motivational images garner anywhere between 300 and 8,500 shares each.


Remember, if you’re going to be sharing a fair amount of offsite content through your Facebook Page, make sure that it’s optimized for social. This means utilizing powerful headlines and calls-to-action, as well as selecting a strong quote to help increase clickthroughs.

LeBron James

Despite making headlines on and off the court, the three-time NBA MVP is very active on Facebook. LeBron James puts an incredible amount of effort into engaging his fans through posting pictures of his family, sharing stories about teammates, and detailing his travels. He also sparks conversations by posting reactions to other sporting events he’s into — such as the World Cup — or getting nostalgic over favorite childhood movies. He really treats his fans like friends.


But what really sets his Facebook Page apart from others is the amount of updates he dedicates to his supporters. Regardless of your celebrity status, acknowledging your fans should be your primary objective while using social media. Whether congratulating another team, cheering on his Wheels for Ed kids, or just showing support for his family, James always goes the extra mile to show his appreciation.


Shakira’s fan base spans continents, but that doesn’t stop the musician — who just reached 100 million fans — from captivating them. Shakira shares updates written in both English and Spanish to maximize the number of fans reached — though if she wanted, she could write separate updates and target them to different people. Either way, what a great way to demonstrate her appreciation for her supporters!

More importantly, she doesn’t just rely on text-based updates to show it. In celebration of her 100 million fan milestone, she recorded and uploaded a quick video thank-you.


This just shows that not every update needs to be a major production. Don’t let things like storyline or time limits stop you from creating sharable videos. Let fans see the real you, and don’t clutter up the message with unnecessary animation, sounds, and so on.

Making It Easier to Engage

While social media has made it easier for these interactions to occur, sometimes keeping up with such a high amount of engagement can feel overwhelming — especially if you don’t have the right tools to manage your online presence. To help verified public figures cut through the clutter and engage more effectively, Facebook released a new mobile app called Facebook Mentions.

The app, which is only available to verified Pages, makes it easier to see what fans are saying about you and join the conversation, as well as provides you with tools to post updates, share photos, or even host a live Q&A. Public figures in the U.S. can download the iPhone app today. Otherwise, admins of verified Pages can request access.