Today Twitter introduced new targeting improvements to Promoted Tweets in search results.

Marketers can now select from three different matching options when entering keywords: exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword batch. Twitter also launched negative keyword targeting so you can restrict Promoted Tweets from appearing when people search specific keywords.

“For instance, if you sell bacon, you can now keep your campaigns more than six degrees apart from Kevin Bacon by using ‘Kevin’ as a negative keyword,” explained Twitter Director of Product Management Kevin Weil in a blog post.

Additionally, you can now automatically match your Promoted Tweets to trending topics. The example Weil used is if a celebrity’s pregnancy news starts trending, and you’re a retailer of baby clothing, your Promoted Tweet might be entered into the auction for that trending search. This option is enabled by default for new campaigns, but it can be turned off.

Other improvements include a bulk import tool, which accepts exported keyword lists from other search advertising platforms or documents. This makes it easier to tie in your Twitter marketing with your existing online efforts.

Both of these updates are available worldwide today. Current advertisers can learn more about these features on Twitter’s Help Center page.

[Image credit: Cliff (Jasper Johns)]