Facebook has found yet another way to notify Page owners when an opportunity to use Promoted Posts arises. Some admins are now receiving notifications when one of their page posts perform better than average.

These recommendations are unlikely to be missed, as they’ll appear alongside more traditional notifications, such as new comments and Likes. An additional benefit of this method is that notifications aren’t limited to the confines of your Admin Panel; instead, anyone who is an admin of that page will receive it.

Previously, the social network replaced the “Notifications” section of the Admin Panel with “Posts.” This was done to highlight the organic reach of each post along with an option to promote those that haven’t been yet. More recently, Facebook began testing a homepage module that recommends a recent engaging post that it thinks admins should promote for more reach.

Today’s update is similar in that the social network identifies a well-performing post for you. In a way, it makes promoting a post even easier as it removes some of the guess-work. And even if you don’t follow through and promote the suggested post, you might appreciate being notified when a particular post is doing well.

Inside Facebook also reported about another test some members are seeing that introduces a new button — a megaphone icon — in the top right corner of an existing post. With all of the promotion around the ad unit, advertisers might be less inhibited when it comes to following through. If you find yourself promoting a lot of posts over the upcoming weeks, make sure that the content you’re sharing is helpful to your fans.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Anita Hart]