Productivity for social media managers can be challenging. From setting up a strategy, to writing creative content and managing incoming messages, their days are typically jam-packed. So, how can industry professionals effectively allocate their time to get everything accomplished?

This week at #SproutChat, we discussed how social media managers can be more productive, unwind from their daily grind and get their fix of social media news without breaking a sweat.

Priorities Come First

If there’s one thing all social media managers can agree on, it’s that planning and prioritizing content and responsibilities is an essential component to an effective management strategy.

Whether it’s a daily social media checklist or a giant wall of Post-It notes, you need to keep everything in check. Understand your priorities and put those tasks first. One workflow doesn’t fit all, but every workflow should have a structure.

To keep things in perspective, making time for your priorities is easier said than done. With message management being one of the most common responsibilities social media managers tackle on a daily basis, juggling from task to task can throw a wrench into any routine.

To best alleviate the noise, develop ways that best suit your schedule for maximum efficiency. Sometimes, it can be as simple as physically blocking out noise and listening to some good ol’ tunes.

Make Time to Unplug at All Costs

Exhaustion is not a status symbol. Social media managers are famously known for being the wearer of many hats and the mountain of hats is bound to tip over eventually.

It’s been documented that 86% of social media professionals have experienced some form of burnout in their careers. Don’t be a statistic. Combat burnout by making time for yourself to unplug and reenergize because a refreshed you is a productive you.

Arm Yourself With the Right Tools & Relationships

Social media is always evolving, and with the day-to-day responsibilities social media managers are tasked with, staying up to date with the latest social media trends is a full-time job in itself. You can’t be everywhere at once, but there are plenty of ways you can take a few minutes and arm yourself with vital social knowledge and industry news. Additionally, more managers are relying on social media publishing tools to get collaborate, schedule and publish different forms of content across networks.

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