San Francisco-based Placecast is now allowing retailers to send push notifications to customers who have their mobile apps on their smartphones.

Placecast’s ShopAlerts delivers location-based deals and discounts from merchants to consumers via their mobile devices. With the new update, a brand with a mobile app is now capable of sending consumers timely and location-specific messages. This integration offers a solution to the number of retailers that have created apps but struggle to get consumers to use them. By allowing brands to target consumers with relevant deals, consumers are more likely to find value in a brand’s mobile app.

Originally consumers had to download the Placecast app to receive targeted alerts. A user would opt-in to receive a text message when he or she neared the geofenced location he or she were interested in, or when that store was offering a sale. Now Placecast will work directly with retailers to integrate ShopAlerts into their apps so that consumers can receive updates without even having the app open.

A geofence is a virtual area set around a physical location. When the shopper enters the pre-determined radius a notice of the deal is sent to his or her phone.

With mobile marketing popularity on the rise, knowing users’ location and shopping habits is powerful when creating promotions that will get shoppers into stores. Right now, high-profile brands such as Starbucks and Subway are utilizing ShopAlerts in their marketing efforts. As online to offline commerce continues to grow it’s worth asking yourself what role Placecast can play in your marketing plan and if it aligns with your current privacy standards.

[via: VentureBeat]