Pinterest released a number of updates this week aimed at improving your experience as well as that of your customers.

The most recent addition, which is being rolled out over the next few weeks, makes it easier to send pins directly to friends from the web or mobile devices. There’s even some room to include a message for personalization or to add context.

While certainly not a new functionality — the feature has been present on Pinterest for quite some time — it does work in favor of the creators of the content being shared. Not only could easier sharing help to drive more sign-ups and followers for your Pinterest Boards, but it’s also creating awareness among consumers that you might not be reaching on other channels.

Pinterest also built a new feature that tells you when you try to pin something you’ve already pinned. When a double has been detected, you’ll receive a message alerting you to the duplicate as well as the board you pinned it to. This could certainly come in handy for community managers who manage and monitor a ton of content. The company is slowly rolling this out on desktop and hopes to bring it to mobile soon.

And finally, Pinterest added some new features to its mobile apps, including in-app notifications, push notifications, mentions, and improved search. Most of these have been available on the web, so they should seem familiar. In-app notifications and mentions will help to keep you on top of engagement, especially if you do most of your pinning on the go. The company also introduced push notifications so you can keep up with what’s happening without opening the app.

Small in size, these updates might not have a dramatic impact on your daily use of Pinterest. However, power pinners will likely appreciate the improvements, and analytics addicts will benefit from the engagement boost.

[Image credit: theilr]