Pinterest is adding a much-requested feature to its lineup that will enable members to search within their own pins. For consumers, this makes it easier to rediscover content they’ve already pinned — something that pairs nicely with the ability to detect duplicate pins.

Here’s how it works: When someone types a word into the search bar, like barbecue, he or she can filter results by clicking “Just my pins.” Pinterest will then display everything pinned by that person with the keyword in the pin description.

Searchable pins could really come in handy for product boards like gift ideas, and the timing couldn’t be better. Pinterest recently integrated with major U.S. retail brands to connect pins of certain products to the stores that sell them. The new functionality places a lot of importance on the message associated with the pin. If the keyword isn’t present, that pin won’t be included in search results.

Messaging is especially important when it comes to repins. Not everyone changes the text before re-sharing a pin discovered through one of the boards they follow. When you’re pinning your own content, make sure that you include one or two keywords that you’d like your pin to be found for. This could also come in handy when looking for duplicate pins, although another recently added ability can detect copycats before you even pin them.

The new search is rolling out today on the web, but Pinterest said in its blog post announcing the feature that it’ll soon support mobile as well.

[Image credit: pshutterbug]