In an effort to make it easier for pinners to discover fresh pins, Pinterest announced that it’s going to start delivering a selection of recommendations called Related Pins right to members’ home feeds.

Creating a more personalized experience on Pinterest has been one of the company’s main goals this year. In spring, Pinterest launched a redesigned interface that was built around better discovery. And to complement the new look, it also began testing personalized suggestions based on off-site web habits.

Now Pinterest has announced its plans to start displaying a small number of related pins in members home feeds. These pins will be similar to posts already saved or liked across the platform. For example, if someone creates a pinboard for recipes, Pinterest will recommend related pins that he or she hasn’t discovered just yet.

In order to avoid overwhelming members with content from strangers, Pinterest plans to roll this feature out slowly. Additionally, people can share feedback on the pins recommended to them. Each related pin will include an option to rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down. If someone selects thumbs down, the pin will be removed from his or her feed and Pinterest will try not to display other pins like that one again.

With Promoted Pins on the horizon, it’s unclear how much branded content will be included in these recommendations. It seems likely that pins shared by consumers of brands’ content will make an appearance, and considering how important Pinterest is for referral traffic, any kind of additional visibility is beneficial for companies using the platform.

If you’d rather not rely solely on chance, you can also boost your visibility by crafting easily searchable pins. Messaging is important, so make sure you’re including one or two keywords that you’d like your pin to be found for. Additionally, website and blog owners are now encouraged to add a snippet of code to image tags to help make your posts more pinnable.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Roxanne Ready]