There are a lot of one-hit wonders when it comes to social media platforms and tactics. However, Pinterest doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Although referral traffic for the service has slowed down a bit — going from a 43.7 percent increase in June to only a 15.97 percent increase in July — Pinterest is still positioned to overtake Yahoo in August.

Shareaholic, the content-sharing tool that has been tracking Pinterest throughout the year, revealed that the platform will soon be the fourth largest traffic source in the world.

Already driving more traffic to sites than Bing and Twitter, Pinterest is only 0.10 percent away from surpassing Yahoo. That’s pretty impressive, considering only a month ago the company overtook Twitter, Bing, and StumbleUpon.

Currently Pinterest has 1.38 percent of the share of visits for July, trailing behind Facebook, Google, and for now, Yahoo, which has 1.47 percent of shares. Bing came in at 1.08 percent and Twitter fell from 0.92 percent to 0.82 percent.

While it’s possible that Pinterest could be nothing more than a passing fad, that doesn’t change the fact that right now it’s still a very valuable tool for businesses looking to get more involved in the social media landscape.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Jonathan Bussard]