After three months of testing, Pinterest announced today that it will begin rolling out its new site design to all of its members. Introduced in January, the new design is focused on better discovery and increasing engagement among members. This was done through new discovery features and some subtle, yet useful changes, like bigger pins.

Starting with discovery, Pinterest added “a few new things” to the close-up view of pins. Now individuals can see additional pins from the same board, allowing them to explore an entire board without leaving the page they’re on. Visitors will also be able to see other pins from the same source — for example, your website — which is a great way to encourage more exploration of content.

Pinterest also introduced a “people who pinned this also pinned” section, which is literally what is says. Currently available only on desktop, the company noted that these recommendation features will be available on its iOS and Android apps “soon.”

Some of the other changes include a cleaner navigation experience — everything has been condensed into a single button — and slightly larger pins. The company also added the ability to return to where you left off after clicking on a pin that takes you off site. Clicking “back” will bring consumers right back to their feeds where they can continue discovering content.

The rollout couldn’t have come at a better time. Last week Pinterest launched a Web Analytics tool that requires you to have the most recent design. Although the company will be sending out invites to its user base, you can switch over to Pinterest’s new design now by selecting “Switch to the New Look” from the drop-down menu below your name.

[Image credit: Jonathan Bussard]